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BL50C Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers Condenser




Brazed plate condensers - flow principle


The main things are the same as for the evaporator. The refrigerant information at top left of the exchanger as

Hot gas and starts to condense on the surface of the channels until fully condensed, and is then slightly subcooled.

The process is called "free condensation". In the ambient filter picture the light and dark blue arrows show

The location of the brine connections. The refrigerant flows counter current in the opposite channel and is cooled

The light and dark red arrows indicate the locations of the refrigerant connections.

Standard design
The plate pack is covered by cover plates. Connections are located in the front or rear cover plate. The channel plates

Are corrugated to improve heat transfer efficiency and to make those rigid

Standard materials

Cover plates: Stainless steel AISI 316

Connections: Stainless steel AISI 316
Plates: Stainless steel AISI 316

Brazing material: Copper

Particulars required for quotation

To enable Baode's representative to make a specific quotation, enquiries should be accompanied by the following


- flow rates or heat load required

- temperature program

- physical properties of liquids in question

- desired working pressure

- maximum permitted pressure drop

Advantages of brazed plate heat exchangers in Industry and HVAC & R

The Baode Brazed plate heat exchangers (BHE) have several temperature over traditional heat exchangers in Industrial

And HVAC & R applications.

- the high heat transfer efficiency of the BHE makes it extremely compact and also easy to install in places were

Space is limited

- The unit has no gaskets and is therefore suitable in applications were temperature and / or pressure is high eg in

District heating.

- The Baode supply system reassures that, no matter were you on the globe, the BHE units are available with a

Very short delivery time

Short delivery time.

High quality

Reasonable price

Customer made

Know-how design and customer support











Max Plates

Max flowrate 

(M3 / h)

Weight (kg)

Heat exchange 

Area (m2)

Volume L





13 + 2.35N



2.6 + 0.19N

0.050 (N-2)

0.047 (N-2)

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