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Baode Air cross plate heat exchanger

Baode plate heat exchanger produce high quality frame and plate heat exchanger, brazed plate heat exchanger, gasket plate heat exchanger. It is No,1 brand in heat exchanger in China market.
Air Cross Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger is a stainless steel cross flow plate heat exchange which is vacuume brazed with pure copper or nickel based material as the brazing medium. The top and bottom plates including side A connections are brazed to the plate package. Air Cross  Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger  is an extremely compact and efficient conventional CBE. The construction ensures that every plate separates the primary (hot) and secondary (cold) fluid. This fact, together with the use of high heat conductivity materials, guarantees high efficiency.

Asymmetrical Design

AirCross  Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger  is unique as the design is ideal for applications with a smaller flow rate at high pressure on the one side, (Side A), and a larger flow rate at with lower pressure on the other side. (Side B).The AirCross  Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger  offers this optimized asymmetrical design in several ways:

- Different sizes for the connections In and Out
Side A: Round connections
Side B: Totally open with large inlet and outlet surfaces
- Different channel lengths
Side A: 260 mm
Side B: 110 mm
- Different channel areas and volumes
Due to AirCross Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger special plate design the volume/channel is much bigger on side B than on side
Volume/Side A channel: 0,05l
Volume/Side B channel: 0.121
The first channel against the top plate is a half gas channel side B. The last channel against the bottom plate is also a half gas channel, side B.


Application and Media

Air Cross Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger is designed for applications with a constant and defined gas flow on one side and medium with higher density on the other side. For such applications Air Cross Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger offers a thermal efficiency on the side B, and a compactness which is significantly better than other heat exchanger solutions. The high efficiency means that Air Cross Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger can heat or cool the side B fluid to a temperature very close to the incoming temperature of the Side A fluid. Normally Air Cross Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger is used with a liquid on side A and gas on side B.

Typical media for side A

  • Ethylene or Propylene glycol

  • Water

  • Refrigerants

  • Oil/ Hydraulic-, thermal-, mineral-,vegetable-

  •  Other for stainless steel non corrosive liquid

Typical media for side B

  • Air

  • Flue gas from burning natural gas, biogas, propane, light oil.

  • Exhaust gas from engines using above fuels

  • High pressure gas or air

  • Nitrogen and other not oxidizing media

  • Hot or humid process gases

  • Other for stainless steel non corrosive gases